FMX Mobile Update

My FMX application is coming along nicely, many of the issues have been fixed. I’ve just begun work on the Articles section so it’s rough. There’s still quite a bit to do, including work on the theme and icons. It is much more performant and responsive now. FMX Project Framework What I set out to […]

Temperaments in FMX

In the programming world the first thing most of us do when trying out a new technology is to write a hello world application. It seems Temperaments has become my hello world app for experimenting with mobile applications. I have two versions in the Play Store already, one written in Xamarin (2015), and another in […]

Delphi Mobile – It’s all Components

Update: I recommend visiting Embarcadero’s new, more detailed, showcase page. Delphi Apps Delphi is an excellent tool for cross-platform development, using FMX you can target all major platforms from the same code base. Component based development is efficient, and enjoyable. With Delphi, you can build anything. Here are some awesome applications built with Delphi: KisKis […]

FMX Tips & Tricks – FireUI and a Frame

Delphi has a really neat feature called multi-device preview. Essentially when you are building a mobile application in FMX you can see a preview on different device form factors whilst you are developing. This can save time as you don’t need to deploy to a physical device or emulator to verify your design. Whichever of […]