Code X Group

Update I’ve renamed the group to Code X to reflect intention – cross-platform development. It’s also worth mentioning two alternatives to FMX for Delphi developers: FGX Native and TMS FNC. Introduction We become just by doing just actions, temperate by doing temperate actions, brave by doing brave actions – Aristotle For anyone interested, I’ve just […]

Delphi Mobile – It’s all Components

Delphi Apps Delphi is an excellent tool for cross-platform development, using FMX you can target all major platforms from the same code base. Component based development is efficient, and enjoyable. With Delphi, you can build anything. Here are some awesome applications built with Delphi: KisKis Rain In Denmark Ear Master iFire – Crew Availability Management […]

FMX Tips & Tricks – FireUI and a Frame

Delphi has a really neat feature called multi-device preview. Essentially when you are building a mobile application in FMX you can see a preview on different device form factors whilst you are developing. This can save time as you don’t need to deploy to a physical device or emulator to verify your design. Whichever of […]