GRASP Patterns

These notes are taken from Craig Larman’s brilliant book “Applying UML And Patterns”. There is so much information in this book, you really need to work through it in its entirety. Still, it’s good to have a brief refresher of some key points. I hope you may find these notes useful. GRASP Patterns General Responsibility […]

Testing Visual C++ in NUnit

This is a re-post from an old blog I had dated 2010, it has some useful information: Recently I have been busy working on a large unmanaged Visual C++ project and I needed to introduce unit testing. I decided to create a Managed C++/CLI library with a few assert wrappers, so I could drive the […]

Extreme Programming Explained

This morning I had the opportunity to read Kent Beck’s delightful work, Extreme Programming Explained 2nd Edition. This is a book by a man who has been in the trenches and has reflected upon his experience for the benefit of all involved in application delivery. His concern for people is evident throughout, and inspiring. An […]

The Hacker Way

Nowadays Agile is pervasive throughout the software development industry, yet many developers are not happy using it. And that includes developers in all shapes and sizes, from beginners to industry luminaries. Perhaps the first person to critically evaluate Agile, its pros and cons, was the legendary Bertrand Meyer, whose findings are in his book Agile!: […]

NDepend – A Developer’s Best Friend

Creating a Mess Recently I began work on an XMPP Component Framework in C#, initially trying to reuse code from a previous version. I’m trying to do it right this time, conforming to the official specifications. This has led to a lot of rework as the previous version was essentially based upon code I’d written […]

Test Driven Development

Note: This is an older post, from 2011. Mr TDD himself tweeted my article. Kent is awesome 🙂 Having recently watched Kent Beck’s Test-Driven Development (TDD) screen casts, I must confess I’ve been converted. I have been writing unit tests for a few years now, and prior to NUnit supporting .NET 2.0 I wrote my […]