Suppressing PMD Warnings in Java and Kotlin

Recently I was working on a project which had both Java and Kotlin classes, and used the PMD Source Code Analyzer.

Occasionally, it was necessary to suppress a PMD warning, for example when you have a long line because of a code template.

Suppressing warnings is slightly different for each language, and can be easy to confuse when constantly switching between the two.


In Java, decorate your class or method with the @SuppressWarnings annotation, and prefix the name of the rule with PMD. for example:

public abstract class ServiceBase...

You can also supply an array:

@SuppressWarnings({"PMD.AvoidLiteralsInIfCondition", "PMD.LongMethod"})
public class Query...    


In Kotlin the annotation is named @Supress. Do not use the PMD. prefix:

@Suppress("LongMethod", "MaxLineLength")
object SelectableGenerator...


Another useful tip, to avoid breaking rules like MagicNumber, is to use constants.

In Java, this is simple enough:

final int MAX_TRIES = 3;

In Kotlin, use a companion object:

companion object {
    const val MAX_TRIES = 3;

I hope you may find this useful.

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