Broken Word Wrap Fix

In Delphi 10.4.2 word wrap on text components is broken:

The problem is due to some code being removed from FMX.TextLayout.GPU.pas:

procedure FixPart(const ALength: Integer);

// code removed by Embarcadeo in 10.4.2
if (IsLineEmpty) and (IsSpace(I + FPartContext.BeginIndex)) and (FWordWrap) then
        if (FTrimming = TTextTrimming.None) or ((FTrimming <> TTextTrimming.None) and (not IsFrameEmpty)) then


This is a noted issue, see RSP-33914 in quality control.

To temporarily fix the problem, copy FMX.TextLayout.GPU.pas to your project folder and insert the removed code. I suspect this breaks the text trimming functionality, so do test your application thoroughly.

The FixPart procedure should look something like this:

I hope this tip helps.

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