Turkey Embraces Delphi

Afro american woman in computer programming class and smiling

Many people are not aware that in 2017 Delphi was selected as a primary development tool for all South African high schools:

“Delphi is a great language that helps our students not only learn programming, but also extend their analytical skills for many other subjects. For us, the ability to standardise on a consistent, compatible platform that utilises a higher language and is easy to learn, is critical. We hope that Embarcadero continues to evolve their tools to support our ongoing needs.” – Carina Labuscagne, Chief Education Specialist

Delphi is widely used in South Africa.

Recently the Turkish ministry of education announced that they will be offering Delphi free of charge to an estimated one million students in 1600 technical schools, see here.

This is excellent news, and according to Embarcadero we can expect similar news from other countries in the future:

“…and we are replicating this model across a lot of Europe. Hence this excellent news.” – Graham Mclntyre

Embarcadero are doing a great job in moving Delphi forwards and with the release of Delphi Community Edition (see here) they are putting Delphi back into the hands of hobbyists and professional developers.

Embarcadero is committed to developer education worldwide. Teachers at all stages of education, from high school to universities, use our tools, documentation, and books to inspire the next generation of computer scientists, opening up the world of STEM opportunities to all students.

Exciting times to be a Delphi programmer!

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