FMX Tips & Tricks – Unable to Create Process

Recently whilst trying to deploy to an Android Emulator from Delphi, I received the following error message:


The application deployed fine to my Android phone, but could not deploy to the emulator. The error was all mine. Delphi currently only runs on ARM, my emulator was x86 as I was on a PC using hardware acceleration.

Ths solution was  to create a new ARM emulator….however, that is so intolerably slow to work with my advice is to avoid the emulator completely.

Fortunately, you can verify your UI design via the Multi-Device Preview feature.

You can also test your business logic and application functionality by running on the PC directly by selecting the Win32 target. This is very useful as build/deploy times are very fast.

Finally, this error can occur in at least one other situation. When there is a previous installation on the device (probably due to a different configuration or sdk etc.) In this case, just uninstall your application from the device then try deploy again. I learnt about this issue from here.

Anyways, here is the application running on the intolerably slow ARM emulator on my Wintel PC:


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